How to Choose The Best Disposable Vape

How to Choose The Best Disposable Vape

by Maestrooo on June 16, 2022 Categories: Blog

In 2021 disposable vapes developed from a niche product to the biggest trend in UK vaping.

From a harm reduction perspective, that’s been great, as their sheer simplicity means they have introduced many smokers to vaping for the first time.

We do need to point out that they are not the best alternative for the environment, and are an expensive way to vape. They’re a great introduction to vaping, but for longer-term use, we suggest looking at reusable alternatives – such as those highlighted in our best vape starter kits and best vape kit posts.

If you are looking for a disposable vape, it can be tricky to choose the best brand. While there are great brands out there, as has been highlighted by the media there are also devices that have been smuggled into the UK and do not match the high standards demanded by UK regulations. In this post, we’ll highlight what to look for in a disposable vape and also share some of our favourite brands – which combine high-quality e-liquid you can have confidence in with great taste and vapour.

Why should you care about quality?

The UK and the EU have strong regulations around e-liquid which are designed to protect vapers. These include banning certain ingredients that may cause harm and requiring both e-liquid and devices to be tested for possible toxins. That’s one of the reasons why the UK can say that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.

However, that recommendation applies to devices and e-liquid that comply with UK regulations. If e-liquid is not tested and submitted, we can not have the same confidence about its quality.

How to avoid illicit disposable vapes

Fortunately, there are some clues that can help you to suss out whether a disposable vape is illicit or legal.

E-liquid content

How much e-liquid does the device hold? If it holds more than 2ml, it’s not legal to sell in the UK. Even if it’s a well-known brand, it doesn’t mean it’s legal – it could be an imitation, and will almost certainly have been illegally imported.

Nicotine strength

How strong is the e-liquid? UK regulations mandate a maximum nicotine strength of 2%. If the strength is more than 20mg (2%), the device is being sold illegally.

Where are you buying it?

Most dedicated vape stores are keen to supply only legitimate products – after all, their livelihoods depend on it. On the other hand, some market stalls, pop up shops and even convenience stores have been caught selling illicit vapes. That’s not to say every market stall will break the law, but it does mean that buying from reputable vendors means you can have more confidence in the quality of your vape.

How we choose disposable vape brands

We look for brands that have an established reputation for quality. We do have the experience of years in the industry, which gives us a good idea of which brands can be trusted