Wholesale Disposable Vape Pens


Blazed Wholesale is a leading one-stop online disposable vape pen wholesale supplier based in the UK, focusing on only fast-selling premium brands.

When it comes to CBD products, we are the UK’s leading specialist wholesale supplier, shipping internationally across Europe. We supply a wide range of popular wholesale disposable vape pens, from brands such as; Elf Bar, Lost Mary and SKE Crystal Bar.

What are disposable vape pens?

A disposable vape is small non-rechargeable devices, pre-charged and pre-filled with delicious vape juice. Just open the pack and vape. Once finished dispose of it and open another one.

Disposables use high strength salt nicotine which provides a satisfying and easy way into the world of vaping. Designed to mimic the experience of smoking but much lass hassle. No need for a lighter, the disposable is draw activated so it's ready to vape whenever you need it.

Do I need a license to sell vaping products in the UK?

In short, no. If you’re selling branded e-liquids and not manufacturing your own, then you don’t need a license. However, manufacturers have to get their products registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Did you know we offer free next day delivery across UK mainland on orders over £500!

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