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Blazed Wholesale is your one-stop online CBD wholesale supplier based in the UK. When it comes to Cannabis inspired or infused products, we are the UK’s leading specialist wholesale supplier, shipping internationally across Europe. We supply a wide range of popular wholesale CBD products, such as; CBD Drinks, CBD Edibles, CBD Vaping, CBD Hash, CBD Pre Rolls, CBD Shake, CBD Oils & Capsules, CBD Skincare & Beauty, CBD Sports & SupplementsCBD Candles & Wax Melts, CBD Snus Pouches, CBD Shisha, CBD for Pets and Bulk CBD Raw Materials.


There are many other high-potency CBD concentrates like dabs, wax, shatter, rosin, live resin, etc. They utilise different extraction techniques which maintain more components from the original plant. Concentrates typically require the use of a dab pen or a regular oil rig.

These are some of the more common CBD concentrates:

  • CBD wax/dabs: Shatter, crumble, rosin, resin
  • CBD isolate: Pure CBD crystals or powder, can be up to 99.9% pure CBD
  • Broad spectrum CBD isolate: CBD isolate infused with various cannabinoids
  • CBD terpsolate: CBD isolate infused with various terpenes

All of the wholesale CBD products we supply and distribute comply with the UK law. Any ‘high’-inducing THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol has been removed or reduced to permitted levels to comply with UK and EU regulations. This ensures that your customer will only get the health benefits of CBD and none of the unwanted side effects, commonly associated with Cannabis.

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Did you know we offer free next day delivery across UK mainland on orders over £500!

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