Going from Smoking to Vaping

Going from Smoking to Vaping

by Wade Hamilton on June 22, 2021 Categories: Blog

Many people would like to give up smoking but have found that it can be easier said than done. Most smokers have previously tried to kick the habit in the past but failed, maybe even numerous times, before they finally gave up smoking for good. E-cigarettes can help to make the transition if you’d like to stop using tobacco products but still enjoy the routine, or if you want to move away from smoke and tar without giving up nicotine.


Making the switch from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes

The debate around whether e-cigs can help you quit smoking rages on. However, there is growing evidence that vaping can be successful in luring people away from tobacco cigarettes. People who replace cigarettes with an alternative such as e-cigarettes may be more successful in quitting than people who don’t. The experience of vaping is very similar to that of traditional smoking, making it easier to give up even a long-time habit for many people.

If you’re new to vaping, you’ll find that switching isn’t without its challenges. You’ll be choosing a new product and unfamiliar equipment, and the act of vaping itself is slightly different than smoking, but these challenges are easily overcome. In no time, you’ll be vaping like a pro – and best of all, you’ll be leaving behind a habit that’s unarguably harmful to your health.


Vaping versus smoking?

Despite the incredible amount of negative press that vaping receives, reports show that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. There has been shown to be no risk of ‘second hand’ vapor.