What is Hemp Flower?

What is Hemp Flower?

by Wade Hamilton on February 23, 2021 Categories: Blog

What is hemp flower?

A hemp flower is the dried flower from the hemp plant, related to the cannabis, however, plant just slightly different. The flower contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBD as well as terpenes.

Terpenes are the scents of everyday life from your back garden to your cleaning cupboard, they are what make up a plants smell. Due to the flowers potentially amazing health benefits and its similarity to cannabis flowers (besides the THC content), hemp flower has become extremely popular throughout the world in the last few years, becoming a natural alternative medicine for a lot of people.

Hemp flower can taste, smell and look like high THC cannabis, although however, it doesn’t produce a significant amount of THC. Instead, it tends to produce high amounts of CBD among many other cannabinoids. Like THC it can be smoked, vaporised and eaten. Whole hemp flower is still somewhat of a grey area in the UK, some say it’s totally legal because it’s within the UK’s THC limit (0.2%) and others say it’s totally illegal. Always check with your countries rules and regulations.

What are the medicinal benefits to hemp flower?

To make it clear, smoking anything is not going to be good for your lungs, however, hemp creates a whole lot less harmful carcinogens than tobacco. If you haven’t smoked before then most people recommend using a vaporiser such as the G Pen Pro Vaporiser. Vaporising hemp can be more beneficial and safer.

When combusting flower, you lose a lot of the potency from the cannabinoids like CBD, on the other hand vaporising will keep more of that potency therefore acting more effectively. Many users use hemp flower daily to improve mental health, eliminate anxiety and keep negative thoughts at bay. It can also be great for the highly relaxing, slightly euphoric effects, dependant on the terpenes present.