Blazed Wholesale are UK wholesale stockists of Cookies styled products, such as Mylar bags, Carts and Pens.

Are you looking to buy Cookies Carts, Cookies Mylar bags or Cookies Pens online?

Cookies was founded by Berner and his long time buddy Jigga in early 2012. Today Cookies is one of the most famous and respected THC Cannabis brands in the world, with the majority of its sales coming from the US.

Cookies represents Berners vision and how he wants to bring together varieties of new and unique strains. Cookies has expanded from just being a Cannabis company into creating street wear in 2015; today, Cookies clothing brand also has made name for itself and now has many different clothing for both males and females.

How to tell if I bought a fake/real Cookies carts?

Take a look at the packaging, if you look closely on the packaging of Cookies Carts, they are all high flyers and are only 500mg/ half gram carts. Cookies do not produce 1000mg/1g vapes.

Browse our growing Cookies collection and choose from a wide range of popular products such as; CBD Pens, Carts & Disposables and Mylar Bags.

Did you know we offer free next day delivery across UK mainland on orders over £500!

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