CBD Hemp & Cannabis Analysis Testing Service

Blazed Analysis is proud to offer in-house CBD Hemp & cannabis testing in the UK. We’ve partnered with Purpl Scientific to provide accurate CBD/THC potency analysis of dried herb.

View an example of our certificate of analysis here.

Potency is one of the most critical measurements throughout the value chain, from farm to retailer, as well as being the most important measurement when it comes to legality. Our testing service can help improve the quality, integrity and ensuring you stay within the legal limits by providing fast-tracked, cost-effective analysis with lab-level accuracy.

Our team are able to provide potency analysis on flowers for the following;

  • THC %
  • CBD %
  • Moisture %
  • Water Activity

While lab tests are necessary for the end product potency, consistent quality is still difficult to achieve if there’s any variability in the feedstock.

Our testing service allows producers to measure the exact batch in much the same method as how big agriculture and food manufacturers use this same technology.

To measure potency, our team utilizes near-infrared spectroscopy, which involves shining light on a sample and analysing the light that is returned. In this part of the light spectrum (just beyond the red-light human eyes can see), molecules react to specific regions of the light to generate a “molecular fingerprint” that can be correlated with concentration.

Our team use a machine developed by Purpl Scientific to measure potency. In its development, the Purpl PRO was calibrated against HPLC measurements from multiple state-certified testing laboratories.

Testing for CBD using the Purpl PRO is similar to THC. Molecules of CBD absorb some amount of light at specific parts of the NIR, however it’s a different part of the NIR light than the THC measurement utilizes. If there is more CBD, it reflects more light. If there is less CBD, it absorbs more light.

The Purpl PRO CBD measurement is a key tool for medical cannabis consumers and cultivators as well as CBD users who are wanting a lower THC level and higher CBD level in their products. 

When it comes to getting a great product, the curing process is the most important part of the cycle. To test for water activity and moisture, traditional lab testing methods typically require multiple days of allowing a sample to dry and cure, to allow the moisture to evaporate until the product reaches the critical parameter around <15% moisture. Thankfully, our testing service delivers instant test results for both percentage moisture and water activity using NIRS, so you know what you have and if it’s truly ready to process, sell or smoke.

How accurate is our testing service? Overall, Purpl Scientific states a +/- 2% accuracy on THC and CBD for simplicity. Statistically, it is +/- 1.89% on THC and +/- 0.96% on CBD, determined by comparison with lab HPLC measurements.

Read the Purpl Scientific White Paper to learn more about our proven, near-infrared spectroscopy technology. We validated it by comparing Purpl PRO flower potency test results with those from certified testing laboratories in two states.

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