Rosin/Hash Press Mould

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The LTQ Vapor 2" x 4" rosin and hash pre-press mould is fully magnetised for ease of use. This mould is ideal for pressing raw material into an even rectangular shape. Compacted material helps increase your yields and reduces filter bag blowouts during solvent-less concentrate oil extraction process.

  • Made with scratch resistant hard anodised 100% 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Can be used with hand pressure, Arbour Press or in any other rosin presses
  • Engineered to withstand daily use for years
  • Each component dissembles for easy cleaning 


Internal - W: 1.62", L: 4.00", H: 0.94"

External - W: 2.40", L: 4.80", H: 1.57"

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